We welcome you to our A.Y.S.E. Training experience.  Our instructors are here to educate you so that you may have success in a new and rewarding career. The staff will share their knowledge and experience, as well as be available to support you both professionally and personally during your journey


At Your Service Education (AYSE), LLC. is an adult education school that arose out of a growing need in the community. Many classes focus on having their students passing the exam. The truth is that passing an exam is necessary for nursing assistant students that wish to become certified nursing assistants (CNA's), but an exam alone does not prepare anyone for working in the field. An exam is a reflection of “knowledge and skills” only. Once people have finished their classes whether it be home health aide or nursing assistant training they are under the impression they can provide quality care to patients and/or residents. The piece of the puzzle that has been missing is here and available at AYSE. We focus on the Humanistic Approach.


The role of AYSE is to ensure that each student walks away from their training feeling confident and competent with their knowledge and skills first and foremost. We want the student to know that upon completion of the course and/or certification that they will be able to provide care in a way that they would want care provided for themselves and or their family members. The students will be well prepared for their certification exam AYSE uses multiple teaching modalities.


The classroom is not one mold for all, but addresses the individual needs of the student. The classroom is interactive. Each training curriculum is fundamentally the same, but the actual delivery will vary from class to class. The students will drive the direction of the learning. The instructor is the facilitator of knowledge.

AYSE has full time instructors with 20 years' experience. The instructors work with a maximum of 10:1 ratio per each class. The ratio allows the student to develop a rapport with both the instructor and fellow classmates. In addition to the classroom setting, a skills lab is used to reinforce the knowledge learned. The skills lab is used by both the the home health aide students and nursing assistant students.


AYSE has contracts with long term care facilities in the community which will enhance the learning of nursing assistant students. Long term care facility training allows the students to work with residents in long term care, versus simulation, in the skills lab. The students will be working with employed certified nursing assistants, nurses and their instructor while gaining hands-on experience. The students will be well prepared for employment upon completion of their education.

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Commission for Independent Education

Department of Health Division
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Certified Nursing Assistant Program # CNAP 1491



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